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Keep Your Hero Safe

Anyone can get injured whilst riding a scooter, bicycle or skateboard but younger children are at higher risk because they may perhaps lack the skills or strength for safe riding, as well as the ability to judge dangers near roads, traffic or pedestrians.


Keep your little Hero safe by ensuring they are always wearing their helmet.


Read below for important tips on:

How parents can encourage helmet use.

How parents should fit their childs helmet.

How parents can check their childs helmet.

How with your help, Helmet Heroes is helping less fortunte children.


How Parents Can Encourage Helmet Use

Many parents struggle to get their child to wear a helmet. The important thing is: if your child kicks up a fuss or refuses to put one on – find out why – it is often becaure children think helmets are not cool or are comfortable or are too hot to wear.

It is important you talk to your child about these concerns so that you can help them choose a helmet they will want to wear. Therefore the following tips can encourage your child to wear a helmet:

Start Young

Start Young

Teach your child to be a Helmet Hero from a young age. Have you just bought their first 3 wheeler or balance bike? Start now. It will be easier for them (and for you!) if they’ve been doing it since the beginning.

Lead From Front

Lead From Front

Set a good example as a parent and always wear your helmet. No more “.. but you’ve not got one!” arguement. Make it a fun and be their Helmet Hero sidekick!

Do It Every Time

Do It Every Time

Get into the habit of wearing a helmet every time you ride – even if its just playing in the back garden or on the drive-way. The two things always go together.

Friends And Family

Friends And Family

If your child sees their friends or family wearing a helmet, they’ll of course be more keen too. Talk to other parents about it and grandma and grandad!

Let Them Choose

Let Them Choose

Let your child pick their own helmet. If they’ve chosen their own colour or design or decorated it themselves, they’ll want to wear it more (and show it off!)


How Parents Should Fit Their Childs Helmet

Before you start – make sure your helmet is certified – meaning that it’s up to the job of protecting your little Hero. After that, you want to make sure the helmet is the right size and fitted correctly. Here are some tips:

Adjust The Size


A helmet should fit snugly. Some helmets come with an adjustable universal fit ring while other helmets have removable sizing pads to ensure a secure fit.

Get It In The Right Position


Their helmet should be sitting level and cover your child’s forehead. It should rest two finger widths above your child’s eyebrows. Spot on.

Check Those Side Straps


The left and right-side straps should form a “Y” and meet below the ear. These straps may be easier to adjust when removed from the head.

Buckle Up!


Buckle the chin strap and tighten until it is snug. No more than one finger should fit under the strap. Make sure there are no twists in the strap too.

Last Minute Checks


Ready to ride? Almost. Is the helmet blocking their eyes at all? Does it wobble when they move their head? If the answer's yes - then you need to take it off and adjust the sizing pads or the straps or buckle. Remember too that you may need to replace your childs helmet if they have outgrown the helmet size or previously had a collision with the helmet on.




Help Us Protect More Lives

There are many girls and boys of all ages who are still riding without a helmet. We want everyone to ride safely and as such profit from every purchase made through Helmet Heroes goes towards educating as many people as possible - as well as actually buying helmets and donating them to families and care services in disadvantaged areas. So please, head to the shop, equip your Helmet Hero and in doing so, help other children become Helmet Heroes!

Helmet Heroes Team