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Whether you are an infant, primary or secondary school – you undoubtedly have pupils who already own a scooter, bicycle or skateboard – some maybe even ride them to school. As such, you are in a great position to check if children have helmets and if they are using them correctly.


If you have any equipment at schools like scooters or skateboards that the children can use in their break times or after-school, then again it is important to ensure helmet use.


You can find information on encouraging helmet use and how to fit helmets properly on the Parents page and below you can find information on:


How schools can buy helmet packages.

How schools can receive coaching and how teachers can receive training.

Fun resources to do with Helmets inside the classroom.


How Schools Can Buy Helmet Packages

Investing in helmets for your school is crucial to educating the children about helmet safety – as well as keeping them safe when they are enjoying riding sports.


To make it as affordable as possible we provide discouts on all the helmet packages you see below – as well as offering free delivery on all orders.


And remember, profit from all orders goes towards our charitable activities of providing helmets to those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Coaching for Schools and Training for Teachers

Did you know that skateboarding is the newest Olympic sport?

Did you know that over a million children and adults already scooter to school or work?

Did you know that the government is investing millions into improved cycle paths and sustainable travel?


To ensure all your pupils have the skills to ride safely, we recommend offering in school coaching to them. An introduction to the sports and of course the importance of helmet safety.


For teachers, wanting to further their own learning and run their own after-school or pre-school clubs, you should consider a number of the CPD training ideas below.

School Workshops

School Workshops

Professional instructors can travel to your school and bring all the equipment needed. With groups of up to 30 – and sessions about 50 minutes long – it is possible for 180 children to receive training in a single day. The sessions can follow the Skateability or Scootability framework or be personally tailored to the ages and ability of your children.
Instructor Training

Instructor Training

At some point your school may want to run it’s own sessions, in which case you will need to get a member of staff trained up. Learn the skills, lesson plans and guidelines required to introduce children into the sport. Scootability Instructor Training can come to you and in a single day give you the tools and confidence to begin running your own small clubs.

Free Fun Resources To Download

Looking for some fun classroom activities – then look no further! Below you can find a range of free to download and print games that the children can enjoy. All with a little helmet safety theme of course!

Word Search


Can you find all the words hiding in the grid? We hope so!

Design Your Own


Decorate this helmet in your own unique style. Funky!



Can you help the Helmet Heroes find the missing helmet? Don’t get lost!



Can you answer the questions to reveal the secret message?